Member Benefits


Because of our unique focus and approach to the market, Delta offers our distributor partners the best and most respected suppliers and manufacturers domestically as well as internationally. Our commitment to detail provides you and your team with the all the tools necessary allowing and enhancing your growth, and most importantly, your profits.  At Delta, and what separates Delta from the all others, is that We Do Not Over-saturate your individual trading territories by adding competing distribution and the Confidentiality shared within the Delta community. In order to openly network, utilize all of our collaborative efforts, drive sales & marketing initiatives as a team, and share the best practices among partners, we are deeply committed to your privacy while maximizing your markets and returns, all without adding others with whom you consider competition. As the first truly organized PVF Buying Group within the U.S., today, Delta remains more focused, more transparent, more committed, and more prepared to assist in your future.